Whispers from Clay on our way home from school

To my right are wooden fence slats
Passing in the sun
To my left the sound of traffic
Cars are on the run

It’s ok Clay, I hear you whisper
It’s just a couple of cars
It’s ok Clay, you always whisper
to help you with the cars

I hear you in the morning
It’s green 7 Clay
It’s the same every morning
Get up daddy, I’m ready for the day

You whisper when you’re happy
With the things that I say
Do you know how much daddy loves you
No way to measure, Clay

You are so fast Clay, you whisper
As we run along the walk
I forget that you remember
Every word when we talk

You whisper, that’s not nice Clay
And it reminds me ever still
That you hear me even when
My words test your will

I love to hear you whisper
because it teaches me to know
when you need me to help
and when you need me to just go

Sometimes I lay my head down
And in my head I dream
That I remember all of your whispers
And how amazing you are to me