Beauty in grief

This afternoon, we had our dog Pete put to sleep. It has been a rough day for the family, but we are ok.

When I put my oldest son to bed tonight, he began crying about Pete. It was the most raw, beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Don’t misunderstand me; it broke my heart to see and hear him grieve. I wanted to tell him that it would be ok and that someday we would buy another dog, but I didn’t. I just held him and let him cry.

It is hard to describe, but I knew by his cries that this was my son expressing true love for his companion, a dog that greeted him with tail wagging when we first brought him home from the hospital.

Then, the most astonishing thing happened. He took a framed picture of Pete and just held it while he cried. It was almost as if he was willing Pete to jump out of the frame and into his arms, but at the same time he knew that it would never happen.

It is amazing what our kids can teach us about love. I just don’t want to forget it.