Viva Beehive

Imageover the next several months, I will reopen the vault and share some (hopefully) interesting and entertaining stories about the amazing people I grew up with in old El Paso.  Check on my other site, for more updates.  


2 thoughts on “Viva Beehive

  1. I look forward to reading those stories. You may not remember me, but we were friends in El Paso before I moved to Arkansas right after second grade. We went to church together and my mom usually picked me up from your house after we walked home from MacArthur elementary. We went back to visit the Coffins in El Paso once after that while I was still in college. I still have a lot of fond memories of that town. Hope you’re well.

    1. Matthew! thanks for the note. Of course I remember you. I remember going over to your house on post and playing several times too. How’ve you been all these years. I have a profile on FB, if you’d like to message contact info. Hope you are well too.

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