hotwired into history

I used to book a hotel in Fort Worth tonight and I ended up staying in the old Hotel Texas (now Hilton).  This was where John F. Kennedy spent his last night before flying to Love Field on 11/22/1963.  

I found out that he stayed on the 8th floor, which is where I ended up tonight.  I have stayed here several times and I have always known the history of the hotel, but tonight was the first time I heard of him staying on the 8th floor.  

It is amazing how close we are to history sometimes without even realizing the significance of seemingly meaningless places.  I don’t know, it just hit me tonight.  -TSImage 


One thought on “hotwired into history

  1. Your drawings always amaze me, today your words enlightened me…

    (I scrolled down to the drawing before I read your commentary and I knew immediately it was JFK)

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